Christian? There are a lot of them around...

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Dear reader, it is not enough to suppose you are forgiven because you belong to a church, enjoy Christian concerts, or "love Jesus."  Jesus says you must be born again as a child of God–something done in you by the Holy Spirit.  How do you know God has made you born again?  The book of 1 John in the Bible describes what you will be like if you truly belong to God:

1. You hate your sin with great sorrow and grief and will not continue pursuing it (3:9, 5:18).  Do you?

2. You believe your only hope for peace with God is through Jesus' sacrifice (5:1).  Do you?

3. You are growing in holiness and obedience to God's Word (2:29).  Are you?

4. You have a special, deep love for other believers (3:14).  Do you?

5. Your living desire is to please God, so you love and obey His standards (5:4).  Is this you?

6. You carefully avoid and reject sinful influences around you (5:18).  Do you?

If these things aren't evidenced in your life, God's Word says you are not born again.  Prayerfully read the book of John "so that you may believe" and be born again.  I write this with great concern for your soul, eager for you to be forgiven not in word but in truth.  May God richly bless you.  
(Courtesy of, Are You Truly Forgiven?)